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International Women in Portugal - Walking Tour Cascais

Wed 22 Mar, 2017

(Organizer: International Women in Portugal | Category: Social / Cultural / Charitable)


Walking Tour of Casa Henrique Sommer and Museu da Vila

No cost - space for 15 members.

For more information contact:

This is a two part tour of the newly opened Casa Sommer, which serves as the public archives for Cascais. It contains a very interesting collection of historical documents, tracing back to the earliest days of the Cidadela and the fishing Village that became today's Cascais. The second part of the tour will be to the Museu da Villa in the town centre. 

Wednesday 22nd March. 

Meeting - 10 am - length of tour, 30 minutes for Casa Sommer and 40 minutes for Museu da Vila.

At Casa Sommer, Av. Da República - Av. Vasco da Gama and we walk to the Museum in town. Plenty of paid parking around.