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International Women in Portugal - Workshop - The skinny on fats

Tue 11 Apr, 2017

(Organizer: International Women in Portugal | Category: Social / Cultural / Charitable)


In this workshop, there will be lots of fun learning the science behind healthy fats as well as providing practical tips to help you explore your food self.

Tuesday, 11 April - Biblioteca Cascais - 1030-1230.

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We all know that the quality of the food/drink we eat defines the health of our organs, muscles, cells, proteins, brains, etc. Like all animals, we need fats for growth, development as well as to store energy. In this workshop, learn about the essential functions of specific dietary fats and why these are an important part of an active lifestyle. 

Sofia de Campos Pereira, PhD in Biology/Genetics (Toronto, Canada) and Health Coach (New York), has a wide knowledge of nutrition as the building blocks of our bodies and brains and its effects on physical and mental health.