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All About Being On Cowboy Polo

Polo is a sport played on horseback, involving the riders using mallets to manipulate a ball into a set of goals. The riders may strike the ball with the mallet, but may never leave the back of their horses. There are four riders on each team who must work cooperatively to get the ball into the goal.

The sport is fast paced, entertaining to watch, and many have remarked that the skill required to play polo is exceptional. Player of polo must be skilled in both equestrian riding and ball manipulation, which takes many years of practice to combine effectively.

Cowboy polo is much like standard equestrian polo, but for a few key differences that set it apart. In standard polo a small ball is used, but cowboy polo uses a much larger red ball. Western style equipment is also used, as apposed to the more specialised equipment used in standard polo. Cowboy polo is also played in a more simplified play area or arena, normally being the same location as is used in horse rodeo riding. Finally, cowboy polo has five riders on each team, as apposed to four. In all other regards the two sports are the same, using the same sets of rules and same time limits.

Cowboy Polo Betting

It is possible to bet on cowboy polo matches via online bookmakers. Some international websites may not offer betting options, but websites based in the United States are sure to provide a variety of choices. The standard betting option is a fixed odds bet on which team is predicted to be the winner.

Some focused betting options will offer the chance to predict the specific scores with which teams will win, but this is considered a high risk betting option for those that are not familiar with the game along side the likes of horse racing totes style bets.

Cowboy Polo Reputation

Cowboy polo has a reputation for being an extremely fast paced sport, with fans often saying that it is one of the most intense and exciting sports of all time, as far as being a spectator goes. The players of cowboy polo are required to ride their horses at breakneck speeds up and down the arena, make sudden turns on a dime, and lean from their saddles to hit the ball in the direction of the goal. When ten players are doing this in an enclosed arena the spectacle is an impressive one. It is also because of this fast paced, unpredictable action that cowboy polo is also a favourite sport in the United States as far as bet making goes.

Cowboy polo is most popular in the western United States, with a dedicated fan base that supports the sport ravenously. There is some interest in the other parts of the Untied States, but not enough that cowboy polo has spread to a significant degree. Foreign nations, however, have taken a much stronger interest in the sport, likely because of the cowboy themed aspects, which many countries find appealing. It is known that many nations around the world watch cowboy polo matches via online live streams.

All About Being On Cowboy Polo
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