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Cricket Betting Tips For New Bettors

While many people liken sports betting to playing slots or buying a lottery ticket, there is much more to predicting sports results than first meets the eye. With Cricket betting, this is even more true as there are a multitude of factors that can influence how a match will end. If you are thinking of betting on an upcoming cricket game, here are some betting tips that may just help you pick a winner.

Change Your Strategy for Each Type of Game

Competitive Cricket is played in three different formats including 5-day (test cricket), One-day (limited overs) and T-20 (Twenty20). It is important to note that most teams specialize in one type of game and vary rarely do well in all three formats. Make sure you have the correct information when you place your bets. Research the team history in the specific format and compare it to that of the opposing team.

Cricket is Ideal for Live Betting

T-20 Cricket is the shortest version of the game. Even so, a match can take upwards of 3 hours to complete which makes this sport ideal for live in-play betting. The odds will fluctuate whenever a wicket is taken or when a batting partnership gets going. If you have good knowledge of the game and the players on the field, you can pick the perfect moment to place you bet before the odds swing again.

Betting on Test Matches

Test Cricket is perhaps the most difficult to bet on mainly because the games often end in a draw. Teams can play for 5 days with no result. The betting markets cater for this with odds that accurately represent the chances of a win for team A, team B, or a Draw. Test Cricket can also be tricky as there are two sessions and teams sometimes perform better in their second session as they grow accustomed to the pitch and the environment. This should all be taken into consideration when placing your bet.

Rain Can Affect the Outcome of a Match

With most sports, rain has a minor influence, even if it just distracts the players and makes them lose their concentration. With Cricket, rain can have a direct influence on who will win because the game can be shortened using the Duckworth Lewis method. This is a type of calculation that factors in the run rate of the previous batting team, and the number of overs left in the game. A team can be on course to win, and suddenly their run rate is double or even triple what they though it would be get over the line.

Betting on T20 Games

Twenty20 Cricket has become one of the most popular forms of the game in the last few years. The shortened timeframe means that batters are forced to produce bigger hits and take more risks at the crease. If you are betting on a T20 match, it is important to remember, that a single over can change the entire course of the match. Often games end with a team winning by 3 runs, and most of the time, it will go down to the last over.

Cricket Betting Tips For New Bettors
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