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Lady Godiva Slot by Williams Interactive in Detail

Lady Godiva Slot by Williams Interactive

Take a ride with Lady Godiva online slot title powered by Williams Interactive software. This eleventh century noblewoman marked history by riding through the streets of Coventry naked, with only her long her covering her body; in opposition to her husbands’ taxation he imposed on his tenants. Legend has it that Lady Godiva took pity on the residents of Coventry. She appealed to her husband on numerous occasions to abolish the tolls, after much consideration her husband said he would do this if she rode through the streets of Coventry on horseback naked.

The noblewoman took her husband up on his offer and rode through the streets only covered by her long hair. The agreement was that every person in the town would remain indoors and keep all blinds and shutters closed. A local tailor by the name of Tom could not contain himself made a hole in his shutters, so as to see Godiva naked when she passed. The legend sees Tom instantly blinded for his actions and he is to become one of the most famous cases of voyeurism in history, hence the peeping Tom.

Ways to Win Online Slots

Lady Godiva slot game is a unique offering that has six reels with four symbols on each reel. The game covers a massive 4,096 ways to win. This is definitely a game where winning combinations can be made up in vast ways, this makes winning easy and exciting, as there is always a different winning combination. It’s as easy as landing a symbol three or more times on consecutive reels.

The graphics are vibrant and colourful, there is a certain amount of modern life that has been breathed into the game from the legend Godiva herself. The slots background is a lush meadow with Godiva at the forefront in a naturalistic, wholesome light. The game definitely sees a return to nature on many levels. The reels background is well contrasted with a bright purple shining through to make the icons on screen pop right out at players.

Lady Godiva Reel Symbols

Galloping on to the reels, Lady Godiva slot is loaded with naturalistic graphics these include but are not limited to a tiara, a cat, a rose, a pen, a scroll as well as playful traditional card symbols such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. Lady Godiva is the stacked wild symbol and is the most impressive icon in the game.

Lady Godiva Slot Reel Symbols

Wild Symbol

Lady Godiva slot game features a jewel, which is the wild symbol. This symbol can substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is the horse graphic. If players are lucky enough to hit three or more scatter symbols across the reels the bonus feature of the game will be triggered, which is a free spins round.

Bonus Game

Lady Godiva slot offers players a bonus game in the form of a free spins round. To trigger the bonus game players must land three scatter symbols across the reels. Landing three symbols rewards players with ten free spins, the more scatter symbols players hit the more free spins are awarded.

The bonus game also has a special set of reels different to that of the base game. These reels have extra wild symbols attached to them allowing players to make more winning combinations. These wild symbols are also attached to the base reels, the difference is that they are stacked during the free spins round, this opens up the ability for players to cover an entire reel with this symbol during the free spins feature.


Lady Godiva Slot by Williams Interactive in Detail
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