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Overview of Doctor Love Online Slots by NextGen

The Doctor Love slot machine game, created by NextGen studios, is a simple, endearing gambling experience. It does not feature the hyper advanced graphics of some other games, but is still a highly entertaining experience, doing away with the bells and whistles in favour of streamlined play. It features a five reel, twenty play line system, and is s highly flexible in this aspect.

The player may select the number of lines on which sequences are matched, using the interface at the bottom of the screen, allowing for a level of freedom not seen in some other games. The bet amount may also be changed, meaning the real money slots player may spend more or less on the initial bet, while adjusting the chances of winning via the betting line system. This system, adjusted as the game progresses, is an engrossing experience for both veteran and casual players.

Game Theme And visuals

The Doctor Love slot machine game makes use of a highly cartoon-styled theme, based around a doctor and nurse who seem to be up to romantic mischief. Some of the tiles include a teddy bear, hospital bed, crutches, stethoscope, sick patient, and more.  The Doctor himself, a goofy man with blonde locks and a large smile, provides not only laughs for the player, but doubles as a play tile in the game. To lean what benefits he provides, read on.

Special Feature Tiles

In the Doctor Love slot machine game, there are a number of special feature tiles, which allow for major wins when matched. Doctor Love is a wild card, meaning that he may be matched with any other tile and create a winning sequence. For example, the player may get two teddy bears and Doctor Love, to create a three teddy bear win. The love meter is a scatter tile, and may be matched with itself at least three times to trigger a bonus spin sequence. In this sequence the player will be granted twenty free games, during which any win pays out triple the normal amount.

Available Play Platforms

The Doctor Love slot machine game can be played on mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop. It has been designed to take advantage of touch screens, with one touch functionality and easily identifiable tiles, so play on mobile phone and tablet is a smooth experience. Keep in mind, however, that the game may not be compatible with every model of phone.

If you find play on your phone to be awkward or unresponsive, consider playing on a tablet or home computer instead. If playing on your home computer, you may simply open the game in a browser and it will load automatically. If the game fails to load, or an error message is returned, please download the Flash software. This can be done quickly and easily, simply by searching for Flash in a search engine, then downloading the software as you do with any other program. It will automatically plug into your browser.

Overview of Doctor Love Online Slots by NextGen
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